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May 2004 Update

We finished second on Saturday. I got waxed by the beautiful number eight car driven buy Rich Dederian. He was so far in front I could not even see him! He broke in the closing lap. He still finished but was unable to fix it for Sunday. So, I did not even get a chance to redeem myself.
Sunday we won but the win is under controversy because of body contact. After the race director sees all the evidence he will see that it was not our fault. After it is all over I will put the whole deal up on the site so you can all see iit.

Good news! We are going to run the sprinter five times this year with the SCRA! The Boss (Jill my wife) gave us the OK! We will test at Chowchilla one more time and run the dates listed below.

I am so excited, I feel like a eight year old laying in his bed on Christmas eve trying to go to sleep!

  More news! I am already the grandfather of a beautiful little girl (calls me Papa) and I'm about to be again real soon! A little boy is due in the next couple of weeks. Life Is Good!
Thanks again for your continued support. Special thanks to Paul, T, and Nate of  Power Smith Electric for the new tranny, Chuck of Leadfoot Auto for the drive line, Don of LOK Enterprises for bringing me parts on Saturday and making it possible to run that day after breaking two laps into practice on Saturday morning, and our crew Floyd, Mike, Kenny and friends who are the proof that hard work and determination always prevails in the end!

  6/12th and 13th Chowchilla testing
  7/10/04 Tulare
  7/31/04 Tulare
  9/18/04 Barona
  10/16/04 Barona
  11/13/04 Barona

  Wishing you all the best!
  Be Good,
  Sean K. Jackson
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