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Monthly Report - August 2001

It's been a good month. We have been competitive and on a mission. The mission was to win a race. We qualified faster than we ever have, we have three top fives and we got our win.

Our motor is like the Eveready battery, it just keeps on going, leaks down at 2% and is still is as fast or faster than anything out there.

We are now going into open show season where we get to strut our stuff against some of the best modified drivers in the United States. This, to me, is the best part of the year, you get to travel and you get to run as hard as you can to beat them in their own backyard. That's what racing is all about. I have included our remaining schedule.

Our plans for next season are to run Watsonville with the dirt car on Friday nights from April to September for NASCAR regional points and also run all of the Altamont races with the asphalt car on Saturday nights. When Altamont is not running we will mix in some of the other tracks for entertainment on Saturdays. We will also be fielding my favorite car out of the Action Racing stable (my wife calls it the love of my life), our newly acquired sprint car. Our hopes are to run with the World of Outlaws at the Knoxville Nationals and when they come to California for their western swing. The sprinter will depend upon how much help we can raise (a little begging there - we could call it "The KB Bullet" . . . ).

I would like to thank you for all your help, I don't believe we could have done as well as we have this year without your support. I will keep you informed of our progress in the open shows.

Thanks again for your support - Sean K. Jackson
IMCA Twin 50's - Merced, CA
Dirt Track Nationals - Watsonville, CA
Manzanita Speedway - Phoenix, AZ
Kings Speedway - Hanford, CA
Modified Shoot Out - Chowchilla, CA
Duel in the Desert - Las Vegas, NV


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